To the Clients and Friends of Draper & Boyd

January 18, 2019

As you likely know at this time, Jack Boyd, your CPA and our beloved Dad, passed away on January 7th. Jack cherished his 20 years serving as your CPA in the Keystone Heights area and being a part of this wonderful community.

While Jack’s passing was unexpected, he had started to plan for his eventual retirement as your CPA. In late 2017, Jack began the early stages of looking to merge Draper & Boyd with another CPA firm. In doing so, Jack had numerous discussions with one and only one CPA firm: DuVal Fields, a CPA Group in our region. Jack had told us how impressed he was with DuVal Fields and what a good match they would be with Draper & Boyd. To paraphrase Jack’s words at the time: “They are really good, talented people, and they have the same ethics that I do when working with their clients.”

Like our Dad, we are convinced that DuVal Fields is the perfect fit to take over the CPA practice. Their attitudes toward their clients, their approach to problem solving, and their desire to help clients are all compatible with how Jack ran Draper & Boyd. As DuVal Fields takes over for Jack, we are confident that you will receive the same great service and attention that you’ve come to expect with Draper & Boyd. And, at the same time, you will benefit from the breadth and versatility of services that DuVal Fields can offer.

We hope to maintain as much consistency as is possible for you as DuVal Fields takes over your CPA and accounting needs. Dea Miller and Sandra Barnawell will still play a major role in the office. And the practice will continue to operate out of the same Keystone Heights office at 210 SW Nightingale St., with the same phone number, that you are familiar with.

Please give the office a call (352-473-3360) or reach out via email with any questions you may have about this transition. Everyone is committed to making this change as seamless as possible and will pledge to continue to provide you the timely and valuable service you have enjoyed in the past with Jack Boyd as your CPA.

Thank you for being our Dad’s client and for trusting him with your business through the years.


PO Box 1149 Keystone Heights, FL 32656| 352-473-3360